Dinner Menu


  • Greek dips

    $20.50 (gluten free bread available)

    Tzatziki, taramasalata & dip of the week, w/ Billy’s village bread

  • Billy’s village bread

    $5.00 (v)

    Baked daily, hot from the grill, served w/ balsamic & olive oil

  • Garlic & rosemary bread

    $7.00 (v)

    Billy’s house made bread w/ garlic butter & fresh rosemary

  • Billy’s bruschetta

    $14.50 (v)

    Billy’s pita bread w/ sliced tomato, red onion, feta, torn basil, olive oil & sea salt

  • Meze plate (antipasto)

    $21.00 (v)

    Dolmathes, piperies (mild peppers), rosemary and garlic mushrooms, semi-roasted tomatoes, artichokes, marinated capsicum, feta & olive tapenade, served w/ pita bread

  • Feta & olive plate

    $14.50 (v, gf)

    Drizzled w/ virgin olive oil & greek oregano served w/ pita bread


  • Kefalograviera (gluten free available)

    $15.50 (v)

    Pan fried greek cheese w/ house made fig jam & fresh lemon

  • Spanakopita

    $16.50 (v)

    Finely chopped spinach leaves, trio of cheese, folded in filo pastry, served w/ tzatziki dip

  • Halloumi stack

    $19.50 (v, gf)

    Halloumi w/ chargrilled mediterranean vegetables, olive tapenade & fresh rocket

  • Calamari (gluten free available)

    e. $22.50, m. $31.00

    Tender pieces of calamari, lightly fried, served w/ petite salad

  • Black lip mussels

    e. $21.00, m. $31.00 (gf)

    Steamed open in a tomato, basil and chilli broth

  • Octopus salad

    e. $24.50, m. $34.50 (gf)

    Chargrilled octopus w/ mixed salad leaves & apple balsamic glaze


  • Saganaki prawns

    $34.50 (gf)

    Pan-fried w/ garlic, chilli, tomato, fresh herbs, finished w/ feta, served w/ rice

  • Chargrilled prawns

    $34.50 (gf)

    w/ Rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, red onion salad & a tarama aioli

  • Garlic prawns

    $34.50 (gf)

    Tossed in a cream, garlic sauce, served w/ rice

  • Seafood bourani (greek paella)

    $32.50 (gf)

    Medley of fresh seafood pan-fried w/ garlic, chilli, tomato & fresh herbs, tossed w/ rice or marinara (pasta)

  • Hoirino (pork)

    $36.50 (gf)

    Cutlet marinated w/ lemon, thyme & garlic, served w/ rustic potato, roasted fennel and broccolini, finished w/ apple compote & apple balsamic glaze

  • Vegetarian moussaka

    $26.50 (v)

    Potato slices, zucchini, eggplant & quinoa, topped w/ béchamel served w/ a side greek salad

  • Moussaka


    Potato & eggplant layers, w/ beef bolognaise, béchamel sauce, and a side greek salad

  • Kota rigano (chicken)

    $33.50 (gf)

    Tenderloins marinated in lemon, oregano & garlic w/ roasted seasonal vegetables & basil pesto

  • Chicken souvlaki

    $31.50 (gf)

    Skewers of chicken grilled, served w/ greek salad & tzatziki dip

  • Lamb souvlaki

    $32.50 (gf)

    Skewers of lamb grilled, served w/ greek salad & tzatziki dip

  • Souvlaki duo (chicken & lamb)

    $32.50 (gf)

  • Paithakia (lamb cutlets)

    $44.50 (gf)

    Cowra lamb cutlets grilled, served w/ tzatziki, & rosemary potatoes

  • Lamb shack pasta (gluten free available)


    Boneless lamb shank cooked slowly w/ a tomato & basil sauce

  • Souzoukakia


    Beef & herb meatballs on potato mash w/ tomato and herb concasse

  • Bolognese (gluten free available)


    Rich and tasty beef bolognese w/ pasta, sprinkled w/ fresh parmesan

  • Side dishes


    Seasonal vegetables, greek salad, Billy’s famous chips, gluten free chips

Banquet Lunch Menu

$55.00 per person

(min. 2 persons) 

Starting with

Village Bread with trio of Dips (v)

Billy’s house baked bread with traditional dips

Kefalograviera Cheese (v)

Pan-fried Greek cheese served with lemon

Spanakopita (v)

Spinach and three cheese parcels wrapped in filo pastry


Lightly floured and fried tender calamari

To follow: Platters of the following:

Lamb Cutlets (gf)

Chicken (gf)

Beef and herb meatballs

The above platters are accompanied by:

Traditional Greek Salad and Rosemary Potatoes (gf, v)

Add Greek Desserts (additional $5.00 per person)

House made Baclava &

Almonds and walnuts crushed and layered between filo pastry sheets


Semolina Custard slice, both drizzled with warm honey syrup

Banquet Menu can be adjusted for GLUTEN FREE!

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