Banquet Menu

  • PER PERSON (Minimum 2 persons)


  • Starting with:

  • Village Bread with trio of Dips (v)

    Billy’s housebaked bread with traditional dips

  • Kefalogravaria Cheese (v) (gluten free available)

    Panfried Greek cheese served with lemon

  • Spanakopita (v)

    Spinach and three cheese parcels wrapped in filo pastry

  • Calamari (gluten free available)

    Lightly floured and fried tender calamari

  • To follow: Platters of the following:

  • Lamb Cutlets (gf)

    Marinated French cut lamb cutlets

  • Chicken (gf)

    Tender chicken pieces marinated and grilled

  • Souzoukakia

    Beef and herb meatballs grilled

  • The above platters are accompanied by:

    Traditional Greek Salad and Rosemary Potatoes (gf,v)



  • Includes Greek Desserts:

  • Housemade Baclava

    Almonds and walnuts crushed and layered between filo pastry sheets

  • and Galaktabouriko

    Semolina Custard slice, both drizzled with warm honey syrup

To make a booking call (02) 9651 3933

(Bookings are highly recommended).